tao of digital

In 2020, digital marketing requires a more thoughtful approach. We call this the Tao of Digital.

think beyond loyalty

There is no “loyalty” anymore. Even today’s most-valuable brands can become tomorrow’s Woolworth or Blockbuster. (If a better, more-intuitive search engine were launched tomorrow, Google would go the way of the fax machine.) It’s all about relevance — and relevance starts with customer empathy.

become automatic

A great brand weaves itself into the very fabric of its customers’ existence. It becomes part of our lives. We don’t choose it, per se; we’re not loyal to it. When we want coffee, we start driving to Starbucks. Experience has taught us to trust our instincts, and our instincts are automatic.

take the challenge

So, the challenge is: How can your brand become central to your customers’ lives? How can your brand become an instinct — an automatic action — instead of a choice? The answer is: Understand what drives the customer … and then use that understanding to become a relevant presence in their lives.

At IMA, we have a rigorous methodology to get you there. It’s called
The Process.


/ thȯt-fəl / ADJECTIVE

  1. absorbed in thought; meditative; creative
  2. characterized by careful, reasoned thinking
  3. given to the anticipation of the needs and wants of others

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