Social Media Marketing Strategy (SMMS) by IMA

Is your brand ready for a custom SMMS?

What we audit

IMA brand

your brand

to provide insight into what you’re doing well, and not-so-well, on social media

IMA competition

the competition

to determine what content your competitors are using to win & engage customers


industry pubs

to show you what industry topics & stories are grabbing your audience’s attention

What we unearth


The topics your audiences care most about


The formats your audiences like best (e.g., videos, GIFs, infographics)


Your brand’s ideal social media channel mix


Your brand’s ideal content frequency, by channel

Benchmarks we set


Specific FY goals for audience REACH


Specific FY goals for audience ENGAGEMENT


Specific FY goals for FOLLOWER GROWTH


… AND, we’ll engineer your custom roadmap to reach, and exceed, those goals 😄

How we optimize

Our strategy includes how to consistently engage your “best fit” audiences … while monitoring their reactions & activity to optimize future engagement.

Which is detailed and delivered to your team as a “playbook” they can use to manage your brand’s social media execution and stay on-point.

SMMS clients

We had very ambitious social media objectives to drive industry-leading follower growth, engagement rates and more. IMA helped us achieve them all — with the right blend of analysis, innovation and creativity.

Chris Helle
Chief Marketing Officer
Premier Dental USA

Are you ready?

If your brand needs to get more from its social media efforts, contact us now — and one of our principals will get in touch with you to schedule a phone call.

(Your gut is probably telling you to NOT do that. Because who wants to hear some sales pitch? Well, our promise to you is: NO SALESPEOPLE. Instead, you’ll be directly connected to our agency’s leadership team — really smart and thoughtful people who will get your brain thinking differently about social.)

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