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Inbound Marketing

94% of B2B buyers conduct online research before making a purchase decision. At IMA, we make sure you get discovered. We engineer campaigns to reach your best-fit prospects, engage them through their investigative journey, and drive them to opt-in — coming away with the belief that your brand is the leader in its space.

Social Media Marketing

People spend more time on their smart phones than they do watching TV. Every day, Facebook gets 200x the viewers of last year’s Super Bowl. Mass media has a new identity. And we’ll make sure you’re dominating your competition everywhere it matters — leveraging social to boost your brand and drive optimal sales.

Digital Brand Activation

You’ve invested in your brand’s website, social channels, etc. What are they doing for you? If you’re not reaching your highest-decile audiences — every day — with content that gets them thinking (and talking!), that’s like keeping a Ferrari parked in the garage. It’s time to get your digital assets dusted off and fuel injected.

Ancillary Services

Digital Strategy



Web + Mobile Development


Research, Analytics & Insights

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