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Curious about Digital Brand Activations? Here are answers to your most frequently asked questions.
Forget all the tips, tricks and trends you read about. Here are the four things you need to know as you start into your 2024 marketing plan.
Momentum Marketing is arguably the most effective and efficient way to conduct digital marketing in the modern age. Here's why.
The advent of search, through Google, represented a game-changing cultural shift in how consumers engage with brands.
Your products and services aren't inherently valuable. They're only valuable if they mean something to your audience.
It's time for a frank discussion about how Generative AI should intersect with the creative process going forward.
When you make it about the customer, you earn their trust. And when you earn their trust, everything else is academic.
Premier Dental CEO Julie Charlestein discusses branding — and so much more — in her new WSJ-bestselling book.
Now that the initial hype has died down, in what ways will AI truly affect modern marketing? 7 experts weigh in.
It’s important to do marketing and sales on behalf of your company. But never at the expense of your clients.
How does one learn to write great copy in the modern context? Start by going back in time: with Mr. Ernest Hemingway.
AI technology is evolving at lightning speed. How will it impact your search engine marketing strategy?
“The writer is concerned with what he puts into his writings. The communicator is concerned with what the reader gets out of it.”
A new technology is being offered as a replacement for copywriters. How well does it live up to its promise?
Justify your marketing budget with real numbers. We have to formula to calculate your marketing ROI.
In the wake of great turmoil at Twitter, digital marketers have a lot of questions. We have some answers.
Every great communication has a singular focus. And design thinking, like using negative space, can help us get there.
A creative director can be the difference between something mediocre and something great. But how does one “direct”?
If you're a B2B marketer, should you be leveraging TikTok? Maybe. But maybe not. We dig into this question.
Elon Musk is backing out of the Twitter deal. What does that mean for social media marketers?
At #SMDayPHL 2022, Greg Ippolito reveals that the future of B2B social media strategy requires moving beyond engagements.
Our creative director, Greg Ippolito, shares Part 2 of his must-read Top 10 list.
Elon Musk now owns Twitter. Is it time for digital marketers to panic? In short: No. (But stay tuned.)
Our creative director, Greg Ippolito, shares some well-earned wisdom on the art of writing copy.
Consumers are on the move. Are you crafting marketing content that’s built to work “in the wild”?
Forming habits of excellence start with building the right kind of culture within your organization.
Our president & creative director’s exclusive interview with Mission Matters.
Take my grandfather’s advice. When it comes to politics, keep your mouth shut.
If your marketing content tends to “stretch the truth” from time to time — beware.
Now that Facebook has rebranded to Meta, what will change for social media marketers?
Take your B2B social media marketing to the next level — starting with LinkedIn.
People are wired to ignore advertising. To get noticed, you need to bring the water directly to your horses.
Junk mail, cold calls, etc. leave behind a lot of damage you can’t see.
In his new book, Ron Wagner shares keen insights on how to build a singular brand.
The old branding model is dead. Today, it's all about customer experience.
Promoting diversity and inclusion in advertising isn’t as easy as it seems.
Truly great work requires the care & attention of a dedicated team. Does your agency “think small”?
Most marketers believe in being “data driven.” But is that philosophy trapping us?
On the other side of the pandemic, how should marketers address the “New New Normal”?
Behold! The all-time best vintage TV spots — Philly/quarantine edition.
In times of transition — like we’re experiencing right now — NEW can be a powerful concept.
Achieving brand singularity in your market space mean focusing on One Thing.
Some practical IRL advice on how to implement AI & ML into your 2021 marketing plan.
This is a story of how a national mattress brand managed to turn five sales into just one.
When’s the last time you actually imagined what it’s like to be your own customer?
What the 1984 NBA Draft can teach us about missed opportunity. And we don’t mean Sam Bowie.
Despite our many difficulties, the COVID-19 crisis has also given us some really funny moments.
COVID-19 is a time of crisis for brands, too. Get it right, you can strengthen a brand's image. Get it wrong, you risk looking tone-deaf.
The brilliance of “Easy Rider,” and why art of its kind struggles to find a place in the modern mediascape.
There is no simple recipe for creating a hit. But there is a process — a learnable, knowable creative process.
Philly's sharpest marketing minds debate the Greatest Ad Campaigns of All Time.
Without realizing it, we walked through a tunnel in 2008. On the other side? Modern culture.
What if brands stopped advertising and, instead, found more creative ways to engage their audiences?
In a world and an age where things are constantly changing, a great brand is never afraid to recreate itself.
Wait a minute ... what the hell do you mean by “media arts”?
If you run a small marketing department, it’s critical to know where to draw the line and ask for help.
Instagram “class accounts” are a harbinger of how we should be thinking about digital campaigns going forward.
“If you want people to really love your brand, you need to get real.” A note on our recent journey.
There’s an old saying that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. But that’s an old, and antiquated, saying.
The customer decides what’s right, what’s good, and what matters. Not you.
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IMA Post

Digital Brand Activation: FAQs

Curious about Digital Brand Activations? Here are answers to your most frequently asked questions.

The 4 Pillars of B2B Marketing for 2024

Forget all the tips, tricks and trends you read about. Here are the four things you need to know as…