digital brand activation

When it comes to brand activations, go digital.

A Digital Brand Activation is an online initiative that leverages audience microtargeting and intent-based strategy, to raise brand awareness and drive immediate leads or sales.

Using an integrated omnichannel strategy, we map audience search and social media behavior to their intent … then deliver digital experiences that deeply engage and involve each customer … then, trigger meaningful action through specific prompts while each customer is immersed in that context. It’s similar in feel to an “analog” brand activation,* but, because it’s digital, it’s fast, inexpensive and highly measurable.

At IMA, we’ve run hundreds of such campaigns, and gained myriad insights on what works (and, what works best). The result is a proven go-to strategy that drives eye-opening results right from the start of a campaign’s launch.

Innovative doesn’t mean high-risk. At IMA, our digital campaign methodology has been tested, modified, retested, and evolved over and over again. And, our ability to create digital experiences that move audiences and create buzz has earned the attention of industry peers and press alike.


  • Immediate results (awareness, lead-gen or direct sales)
  • Quick to set up and launch (within weeks, typically)
  • Real-time performance measurement
  • Continuous campaign optimization
  • Substantial digital buzz (ancillary traffic)
  • Strong, quantifiable return on investment (ROI)


Digital Brand Activation, Example #1: Snickers

Digital Brand Activation, Example #2: Kleenex

*To be clear, we’re not knocking non-digital brand activations. They can be imaginative, thought-provoking, and enormously successful. Such campaigns can, and have, been brought to life in numerous and varied ways. One might take the form of a gift-wrapped billboard. Or the side-stage at a music festival. Or a TV-show-themed amusement park.

But, while the concept opens wide the door to imaginative thinking, the vagueness of what one can be — and what a client can expect — can become its own trap. Beyond that, non-digital brand activations require a lot of time — not to mention a lot of money — to execute … and for all that investment, it can be hard to know what you’re getting back.

For example, SXSW attendees may have had a great time playing around at the fsociety amusement park, but there’s no telling how many of them went home and started watching Mr. Robot as a result. And, even if you could quantify that, was the added viewership profitable enough to justify the cost of the (albeit very impressive) brand activation? Why guess when you can know — to the penny.

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