B2B social media marketing is changing.

We know because we’ve examined the evidence.

Today’s B2B buyers want compelling content. They want marketing that speaks to them.

Today’s marketing leaders want assurances. They want measurable, game-changing results.


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Our 3-Point Methodology

1. LinkedIn Centricity

Leading B2B brands — like Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle — leverage LinkedIn as their central social hub. Not just a leading channel, but the spoke that everything revolves around.

1. LinkedIn Centricity

Is your LinkedIn strategy optimized?

2. Generative AI

Using generative AI tools like AI Sandbox and Performance Max, we’re transforming the creative process to one that’s informed by massive amounts of data. Perhaps the most effective blend of art and science ever seen.

2. Generative AI

How should Generative AI be leveraged?

3. Data-Informed Strategy

Two words: Ongoing optimization. Every day, we examine your analytics dashboards to see what’s working, what’s not, and what should change. And every month, we share detailed reports that show what was done and why.

3. Data-Informed Strategy

How should analytics inform social strategy?

Social media success stories

Vertex has a full in-house social media team. They invited IMA to help them sharpen audience targeting and optimize creative messaging. Together, we earned lifts of ~25% across all key metrics — while driving down cost-per-click (CPC) by 24.1%.
IMA helped DSD launch a new brand, website and social media strategy. As their Digital AOR, we handled everything. And in the first two years post launch, that included earning 36.2M impressions, 2,137 leads, and 16.6k social followers.

Social planning for 2024

B2B Marketing Forecast

How brand and communication leaders at B2B companies expect their budgets to change over the next 12 months

Source: Forrester’s 2023 B2B Brand and Communications Survey


2024 fast approaches.

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