4 Steps to Next-Level Digital

STEP 1: Think beyond loyalty

There is no “loyalty” anymore. Even today’s most-valuable brands can become tomorrow’s Blockbuster. (If a better, more-intuitive search engine were launched tomorrow, Google would go the way of the fax machine.) It’s all about relevance — and leveraging that relevance to move people.

STEP 2: Make it personal

Once you understand your audiences, the key is to engage them on their terms — with content that’s “artful, smart and loveable.” (Via what we, and Lee Clow, call “media arts.” Watch below.) A strong brand, even when using mass communications, works to create one-to-one connections.​

STEP 3: Become automatic

Now, a truly GREAT brand weaves itself into the very fabric of its customers’ existence. It becomes part of our lives. It’s about something beyond loyalty. When we want coffee, we start driving to Starbucks. Experience has taught us to trust our instincts, and our instincts are automatic.

STEP 4: Take the challenge

So, the challenge is: How can your brand become central to your customers’ lives? How can your brand become an instinct — an automatic action — instead of a choice? By understanding what drives the customer, then using that understanding to become a relevant presence in their lives.

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When you understand your customers like they’re family …
When your brand is the most artful, smart and lovable in your space …
When audiences start coming to you instinctively and automatically …
That’s when you you’ve arrived at the next level.

Ready to make the leap?