Top Ten Vintage TV Spots (2020 Quarantine Edition)

Being in quarantine for most of 2020 made us find new and inventive ways to stave off boredom.

As lovers of all “media arts” — but commercials in particular — the IMA team started celebrating vintage TV spots in our Friday AM social media posts. (You may have noticed the hashtags #FridayClassics and #VintageAds.)

To close out the year, we gleefully present our Top 10 Vintage TV Spots — through the lens of kids who grew up in the Philly market, as voted by the IMA team. The only voting rule? That no more than three of the ten spots could go to local Philly advertisers.

(Philly may be the greatest city in the country … but America is a big place, and deserves due representation.)

So without further ado, let’s roll em …


#10: Dunkin’ Donuts (“Time to Make the Donuts”)

#9: Action News (“There Goes That News Van Again”)

#8: Coca-Cola (“Hey Kid, Catch”)

#7: Got Milk? (“Heaven or Hell?”)

#6: Krass Bros (“You Was Robbed!”)

#5: Tootsie Pop (“How Many Licks?”)

#4: Volkswagen (“Pink Moon”)

#3: Betsons (“Hey, Where’d Everybody Go?”)

#2: Budweiser (“Wassup!”)

#1: Apple (“Think Different”)

#      #      #

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