What is a Digital Brand Optimization?

Imagine this:

You’re a VP of Marketing at a high-growth company. You’ve been working on your 2019 Marketing Plan for weeks — painstakingly working on your situation analysis, examining the behavior of your best targets, and drawing up some truly creative, innovative new strategies to help move your organization forward effectively and efficiently. (And, you’ve managed to keep everything under budget!)

But then … things happen:

Your social media director requests more budget to double the brand’s LinkedIn followers. Your head of PR asks for additional resources to redesign the company’s blog. Your corporate web lead needs two more FTEs to help the company earn #1 search rankings on certain critical keywords. Oh, and your director of business development just came back from the annual Content Marketing Conference and announces we need to “go all in on content marketing this year!”

Meanwhile, your CMO wants to know why you’re increasing the “digital” portion of the plan, how these tactics will integrate with your offline efforts, and how all these moving parts will roll up to support sales and new-business growth.

So much for that beautiful marketing plan you created.

It’s the stuff of nightmares and ulcers.

And, these nightmares and ulcers are more common than you think.

From late 2017 to early 2018, the IMA team conducted a piece of market research called “Inside the Mind of the Philly Marketer.” In it, we asked marketing leaders in the Philly region to identify their biggest at-work struggles (among other things). Here are some of the top responses:

  • Quality demand generation / lead-gen

  • Attributing marketing efforts to sales

  • Creating world-beating customer experiences

  • Developing effective / quality content

  • Prioritizing marketing needs & budget

The last item stands out in particular:

“Prioritizing marketing needs & budget”

Wouldn’t it be outstanding if you had a way to measure which of these “action items” you should prioritize? A way to get a clear view into how your industry is changing, what your competitors are doing, which new technologies might make a difference, and what types of digital experiences your prospects and customers are actually engaging in? A way to present a “go forward” plan based on sound analysis backed by data — instead of the gut urges and whims of others?

We think so, too.

That’s why we developed a process that helps marketers get a clear view on all their current effort and future plans — what’s working, what’s not, what has the most promise, what has the least, etc. — and build a clear, data-supported road map to achieve quantifiable gains.

We call it the Digital Brand Optimization (DBO).

This process melts disparate efforts into a fluid unified strategy. It further ensures that everything done (and funded) going forward has a clearly defined purpose and will return a clear and strong ROI. Most importantly, it allows you to put these learnings and action items into effect quickly; you’ll go from “just getting started” to eyebrow-raising results within 90 days.

Want to learn more?

Please email us with a little on what your situation is (e.g., your industry, challenges, etc.), and we’ll send you a deck that shows how a Digital Brand Optimization (DBO) can help.

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