The Best of #FridayFun 2017

As a company, we make a point of keeping Fridays light and fun.

On social media, we post content that adds a little humor and humanity to LinkedIn and Twitter — music, musings, memes, etc. — to balance out all the serious business stuff that tends to permeate these channels during the week.

As an extension of this, last spring, we started brainstorming our own marketoons (if you will) using the “Create an e-card” platform (which has since been shut down, sadly). Well, your response to our #FridayFun e-cards was tremendous.

So, in celebration of a fun little experiment that wound up capturing the attention of so many of you, we’re ending the year with a “Top 10” list of our favorites.

Let the arguments begin …










… and, our #1 pick:


#     #     #

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