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actionable empathyTM

At a high level, marketing is simple: People buy from brands they like and trust. But to get your brand there, you need to know who your best audiences are and what matters most to them. The problem is, the key to reaching the customer is always hidden inside the customer.

At IMA, we help you draw it out … and then leverage it to make your brand integral to your customers’ lives. It’s a unique solution we call Actionable Empathy.

nothing sells like trust

On the other side of every search, click, download, etc., is a human being — with thoughts, feelings and reasons. A customer’s buying decisions, like all decisions, are complex and hard to know. Understanding them requires more than mere data and “customer insights”; it requires empathy that can be put into action.

At IMA, we identify your most-lucrative customer segments via a combination of search behavior, social media data, predictive analytics and market research. Then, we leverage that clear, holistic customer view to create digital experiences that integrate your brand into the very fabric of their existence.

Actionable Empathy is a critical part of a rigorous process that blends breakthrough tech, analytical thinking and disruptive creativity.

the key to reaching the customer is always hidden inside the customer.

actionable empathy is the result of a strategic continuum.

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